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Scarlett Johansson
The Horse Whisperer

"...A million years before the birth of man,
they grazed the vast empty plains of grass
and crossed to other continents over bridges of rock...
They first knew man as the hunted knows the hunter,
for long before man saw horses
as a means to killing other beasts,
man killed them for meat..."

"...The alliance with man would forever be fragile -
for the fear he'd struck into their hearts
was too deep to be dislodged...
Since that Neolithic moment
when a horse was first haltered."

"...there were those among men who understood this...
They could see into the creature's soul
and soothe the wounds they found there..."

"...For secrets uttered softly into troubled ears,
these men were known as The Whisperers..."

Nicholas Evans


Could I but ride indefinite...
(Emily Dickinson)

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