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Scarlett Johansson

NORTH Scarlett's first screen appearance was as Laura in NORTH in 1994.

JUST CAUSE Also in 1994 she played Kate in JUST CAUSE.

IF LUCY FELL She played Emily in 1995's IF LUCY FELL.

MANNY AND LO Scarlett was nominated for a Best Actress Independent Spirit Award as Manny in 1996's MANNY & LO.

FALL Scarlett had a very brief role as "little girl" in 1997's FALL.

HOME ALONE 3 Also in 1997 she was Molly in HOME ALONE 3.

THE HORSE WHISPERER Scarlett filmed THE HORSE WHISPERER when she was 12. In this movie, she worked with Robert Redford. It is impressive to see her playing 14-year-old Grace who goes from carefree girl, through anger and despair, to elation. She won a Hollywood Reporter Young Star Award for this 1998 performance.

All of Scarlett's films have been released on video tape.

Scarlett was a guest star in an episode of the TV series "The Client". (If anyone knows the episode title, please email me.)

Scarlett has a number of films in varying stages of production. The first one likely to be released to theaters is Ghost World.

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