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Scarlett Johansson

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Scarlett, who was 16 on November 22, 2000, will graduate from high school this year. She has an older brother and sister and a twin brother. She divides her time between New York with her father and Los Angeles with her mother, who looks out for her interests there. She's the only actor in the family, something she's wanted to be since she was three. Scarlett button (65k)

Her acting career began when she was eight in the off-Broadway production of Sophistry with Ethan Hawke. She has been in seven movies, the first was North. For her role as Manny in Manny & Lo she was nominated as Best Actress by the Independent Spirit Awards (1997). As Grace, she won a Hollywood Reporter Young Star Award (1998) for her role in The Horse Whisperer.

Grace and Tom

"Whatever you do, don't go into acting for the fame, 'cause you're gonna end up unhappy. And I don't really think you can become an are an actress," said Scarlett in moXiegirl.
"Before meeting her," said moXiegirl, "we had heard she was passionately serious about her work, outspoken with a sense of humor, thirteen-going-on-30 in the thoughts and opinions department. Everyone that knew her guaranteed we were gonna love her...that girl has a mind of her own, but ya gotta respect that. And as you'll find out, that independence and self-confidence has lots to so with her success." In a similar vein, Robert Redford said on VH1, "First of all, she's an urban child. And so, that means she's thirteen-going-on-40. But Scarlett also can act. She understands acting and, she can do it..."

Scarlett in frame

Interviewed by Seventeen while seated at a a Brooklyn diner inhaling french fries and a Coke, Scarlett doesn't sound anything like a girl who's starring in a major motion picture. But from now on, she won't be able to frequent diners without being recognized.

Scarlett did some fashion work for Teen People, Seventeen, and moXiegirl.

Scarlett in Teen Prople Scarlett in Seventeen Scarlett in moXiegirl

Scarlett recently appeared in Japan's Roadshow.

Scarlett Scarlett

She's had interviews with Rosie O'Donnell and David Letterman and has appeared on VH1 and Lifetime.

Scarlett on Rosie Scarlett on Letterman Scarlett on VH1 Scarlett on Lifetime

"There can be few things more entertaining on a humid New York afternoon than sitting in the air-conditioned lobby of a trendy SoHo hotel with a skeptical 16-year-old," said John Clark in an interview for the August 5th New York Daily News.


"When I met her, I just felt there was something very solid and strong about her, "American Rhapsody director Eva Gardos says. "I didn't want someone who was eternally cute. I think she has a really interesting face and interesting responses. I like watching her."


"She's a terrific actress," said Terry Zwigoff, director of Ghost World. "She was really the best thing about The Horse Whisperer. She's funny, bright, wise beyond her years. What I liked most about her for her part in Ghost World is that she's a little buit eccentric. She's got her own highly developed persona, which is very unusual for anybody that age.

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Grace on Pilgrim
Since I hoped, I dared...
(Emily Dickinson)

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