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Final Microcomputer Software
Project Presentation

Student Section

All diskettes and (1) printout of presentation must be submitted to instructor on or before assigned date at the beginning of the class. Project presentations are scheduled for assigned date during the regular class period. The presentation project should fit on one floppy diskette only and scanned for virus before submission. You may use the WINZIP or any compression software to ensure that the file fits on a single floppy or you may also save the file to a CD-ROM. The project must be unique from any other class assignment or submissions.

  1. Identify the applications that were used to create the project? What was your reasons for selecting this particular application from the (Microsoft Office XP Suite)
  2. What is the purpose of the project? Identify and demonstrate to the class the highlighted features of the project. (Ex. creation of a template to eliminate repetitive typing, inputting of formulas, to improve efficiency, to measure performance, to maintain a database management system, creation of a web page, to present a slide presentation to an audience, etc.) Class presentation must include the execution of the proposed software and the retrieval of the documents) via the PC in the classroom.
  3. What did you discover from the involvement of this project? Will the project be used for personal or professional reasons?
  4. If you had to reproduce the project, how would you improve its final result?

Instructor Section

  • Method of Presentation (knowledge and utilization of the proposed applications)

  • Content of the Presentation (relative to the topic)

  • Did the project involve creativity

  • Handout presentation (businesslike, include graphs, ClipArt, special characters, scanned images, color printing, etc.)

  • Well-timed and the comfort level of presentation (10-15 minutes)

Return of Hardcopy & Floppy Diskette and/or CD-ROM of Microcomputer Project

(Please provide a self-addressed envelope if you would like to have the floppy diskette, CD-ROM, and hardcopy mailed to your home). All other copies will be placed in student's mailbox in the Weekend College Building.

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