The Peterson Family

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The Petersons

Left to right: Scott and Priscilla, Jessica, Belinda's mother Cathy Hall, Chris, Jennifer and David Jr., Belinda, Joann, David Sr., and Howard

We invite you to meet the Peterson family!
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David is a would-be palaeontologist working in finance. His interests include archeology, palaeontology, scuba diving, and home remodeling! David's page is still under construction, but when completed, please visit and read about the projects David is working on this week!

DavidDavid's Page is still under construction!

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Belinda is the family techno-geek. She received a BS degree in Information Systems Management in August, 1997 from the University of San Francisco. Belinda's page is also under construction . . . because she never has time for herself!

BelindaBelinda's Page is still under construction!

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Our oldest son David Jr. is an engineer and our daughter-in-law Jennifer is a teacher. They just bought their first home in San Diego, California. Visit their page and learn what home project they are working on!

Dave & JenClick on Dave & Jennifer to visit their page!

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Our daughter Jessica is our world traveler. She is fluent in French and also speaks German. Jessica has a degree in philosophy and is designing her own clothing line. Visit her page to see some of her fashion ideas and to find out what country she is in this week!

JessicaClick on Jessica to visit her page!

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Our son Chris is a film director and musician. Visit his page to see more of his artwork and to find out what project he is working on this week!

Chris' ArtClick on Chris' drawing to visit his page!

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Cooper is our overactive, seven year-old American Cocker Spaniel. Visit Cooper's page and read about the trouble Cooper is in this week!

CooperClick on Cooper to visit his page!

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Ciera is our delicate, 36-pound six year-old American Cocker Spaniel. Ciera is Amazon Queen Ruler of Cooper's world, whether Cooper likes it or not! Visit Ciera's page to read about what she is keeping Cooper from doing this week!

CieraClick on Ciera to visit her page!

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