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Hard to believe we've been married for 12 years! We live about 35 miles outside of San Francisco, and we often host foreign exchange students during the summer. We have had students from France, Germany, Taiwan, Spain, Australia, and Japan!
Belinda Belinda Peterson
I am the webmaster for this site, and I was the original graphic designer for the band SERAHTONIC (although the band has since acquired the systems and training to create their own graphics for the site). I received a BS degree in Information Systems Management in August, 1997 from the University of San Francisco. My page is under construction (whose isn't?) . . . because I never have time for myself! I will be providing information on the experience of hosting foreign exchange students, on visiting the San Francisco Bay Area and on the things you should understand about borrowing money! In the meantime, here is some beer labels that I created for a friend's home brew!
David Peterson
David is a would-be palaeontologist working in finance. His interests include archeology, palaeontology, scuba diving, and home remodeling! David's page is also under construction, but when completed, he will be providing information about financial planning, home remodeling, scuba diving, and . . .something about alternative music.

There's not much to comment on, but if you're interested in sending email . . .

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