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        The fair and honorable fame of all those Indiana soldiers, or those connected in any way with them, in their efforts to suppress the rebellion, is a treasure committed to our common trust, in which all should feel a deep and abiding interest.  It was after months, yes, I might say years, of hesitation and due consideration -- for I have waited for some one to take up the matter and push it through, but no one has done so, and you all know it will soon be too late, and now it is only for the love and friendship that I hear the survivors of the regiment that I undertake to compile the transactions of the Eight-first Regiment of Indiana Volunteer Infantry, in the war of rebellion.  Even at that time it would have been next to impossible to have written an account that would have given equal and exact justice to all concerned--very much more difficult after the lapse of so many years.  The work will be found lacking and incomplete in many respects; yet, in regard to dates and the incidents related, I flatter myself that it will be found substantially correct.

        To Colonel Anderson, William R. Atkins, and James M. Graham I am greatly indebted for various favors.  I am also indebted to John J Gallagher for the use of his private history, which he so faithfully kept during his term of service, and to many others who were members of the regiment for various favors.

        I send out the work with greetings to the survivors of the regiment and their friends, and to all comrades of Indiana regiments, hoping that it will, in some degree at least, contribute to the perpetuation of the memory of deceased comrades, and of the sacrifices and noble deeds of all Connected with the command.

        For the various omissions and defects of the work I ask considerate indulgence.   


                George W. Morris

Louisville, 1901