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I hope you enjoy visiting my graphics site. I have worked hard on the sets you will find here. Please be kind enough to give me credit if you choose to use any of them. The rules for using my graphics are listed below. Please take a moment to read them.


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1. Save the graphics to your own hard drive by clicking your right mouse button and using "save as".

2. Put a link to my sight on each and every page where you use my graphics. There are logos below along with the URL address so you can link back to me. Each set has it's own matching logo as well.

3. Email me or sign my guestbook so I can visit your sight and see how you've used my graphics. I'll also put a link here to your site so others can visit as well.

4. Do not include my graphics in any archive or collection. Do not sell them or use them on a commercial site. And under no circumstances may my graphics be used on pornographic or racist sites, or any site that promotes violence or exploitation by age, gender, race or disability. This is not negotiable.

With that below to view the graphics!

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