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Nut Sites! Sites contributed by peanut X-91689
New! Take a guess what this means.

Free Speech Is Out ThereX-Philes and Millennium Fans Protest!
DSTEXMEX's Sounds of the X-Files Was shut down on March 17th by Fox. Go and read all about it on his site.
Fox Mulder/David Duchovny Here's another site that got shut down, more info on the page.

They did it again! Terry's Windows95 Updates & Stuff, formerly a Geocities site got nuked by fox. Here is the shutdown Letter that Terry received. This site had one of the best collections of XF icons and Windows 95 stuff that I have seen. I would highly recommend sending a protest letter to Fox. Not that it will probably do any good but it might make you feel better.

I will probably get into trouble for this, but if you want the zip file of the icon collection and the Win95 start button, just e-mail me and I will send them to you.

The Unofficaial X-Files Screen saver Go and get this great screen saver while you still can.

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X-Files Stuff

X-Files Screensaver Download Stuart Collier's X-Files Screen Saver. Mail him with what you think. :)

New! X-Files Resources for X-Philes 12/3/97
New! The X-Files Time-Waster Page 12/3/97
The X-Files Collectible Card Game
MancheXter: The Truth Is Here The unofficial UK X-Files Convention.
XFC: Decontamination Protocol. The Un-Official UK X-Files Fan Club
The X-Files: Book of the Unexplained
The X-Files Drinking Game
The X-Files Quiz
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment-X-files
Top Ten Signs That You May Be An X-Phile
WB-Songs In The Key Of X
Screen Saver Heaven You can get The Unofficial XF Screen Saver, another XF saver, and a bazillion other really great savers.
The X-Store

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X-Files on FXgeocities archive

Nut Sites! peanut X-91689
"peanut X-91689 sat on a railroad track
Her heart was all a flutter

Along came the engine number 9
Toot toot, peanut X-91689 butter!"

The all links with a Nut Sites! were provided to me by my pal A.M. better known as the irrepressible peanut X-91689 from XPA and Chat! So if your page got linked here you know who to blame!

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Support and comments.
, the Vice President of Programming Research at Fox, please include "X-Files" in your subject.

Snail Mail

Chris Carter
Executive Producer
"The X-Files"
Fox Broadcasting Company
10201 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Jonathan Littman
Vice President of Current Programming
Fox Broadcasting Company
P.O. Box 900
Beverly Hills, CA 90123

Fan mail for either David or Gillian can be sent to:

c/o X-Files Production Office
Building 10
110-555 Brooks Bank Blvd
North Vancouver, B.C.
Canada V7J 3S5

You can send to anyone of the cast members with this address. Try sending away for an autographed picture. You might be surprised by what you get. I got autographed pictures of all the Star Wars cast that way.

The Official X-Files Fan Club
411 North Central Ave
Suite 300
Glendale, CA 91203

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