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Parasychology & UFO's
Consciousness Research Laboratory at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Whether you are a skeptic or a believer you will enjoy downloading the parapsychology FAQ file.
The Mutual UFO Network is one of the oldest, largest, and most respected groups studying UFO's. It hosts the best one-stop site of its kind on the Net. The following sections are especially recommended: Introduction to Ufology, What to do if you see a UFO and excerpts from the MUFON Field Investigator's Manual.
British UFO Research Association
Nuclear Physicist Stan Freidman here you can find his more than 40 years of UFO investigations.
Rutgers UFO Site
European Journal of Parapsychology
CNI (Contact with Non-human Intelligence) News Home Page
IUFOG (Internet UFO Group)
National UFO Reporting Center
Fortean Times is more outrageous fun than serious science. But it is also the perfect antidote to scientific smugness. During his lifetime, Charles Fort (1874-1932) systematically collected and catalogued newspaper reports of strange phenomena that contradicted prevailing scientific theories. These anomalies included odd sightings by astronomers, levitating stones, poltergeists, UFO's, footprints of giants, puzzling ancient inscriptions, fossils found in places inconsistent with conventional geochronology, and objects falling out of a clear sky. Today, Fortean societies in the U.S. and Europe continue to collect anomalies that challenge the current scientific paradigm. Start with the Weird Stories 1994 file.
Eon-4 A sci-fi soap, complete with alien contact, paranoia, and government cover-ups.
Area 51
VJ Enterprises - Roswell Home

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research The best available scientific research today on Psychokinesis.
Cognitive Sciences Laboratory Check out the declassified information on the Government's 20 year program, code name Stargate, where they used psychic spies for a variety of covert operations.

Scientific Anomalies
Astral Projection Home Page
The International Associations for Near-Death Studies
Journal of Scientific Exploration

The Rest
The Shadowlands Ghost Page Come read about other's or submit your own personal Ghost Story.
Mysterious Places Offers virtual tours of Stonehenge, Easter Island and other locales.
NASA's Site on possible life on Mars.
Galileo Is a nice getaway to the history of astronomy.
FBI Home Page

* Most of the links on this page were gathered from various issues of Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine
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