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Star Trek Logo

The Enterprise

Star Trek Objects Icon Collection 23 Icons
Star Trek Ships Icon Collection 51 Icons
These are two fantastic collections of Star Trek desktop icons. You can see examples of them on this page. They were created by (send him an e-mail) for the Mac and converted to PC format by me. You can visit his website and see what other wonderful icons he has created Corey Marion, Digital Media Designer and the Mac version is always available at the The Icon Factory. Hope you like them! Smile!

I also highly recommend getting Microangelo it is indispensable when it comes to installing icons into Win95.

The Continuum The Official Home Page

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New The following 13 sites were added on 12/3/97

Welcome to the Star Trek Universe
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Online Freedom Federation
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Punch Captain Kirk

The Next Genereration Cast

Transport to the realm of your choice.

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