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As many of you know my site is devoted to Fantasy and Sci-Fi with the emphasis on artwork. I have been asked by Richard Pini to remove certain images off of my site. He wasn't specific which images but I am guessing the ones that I scanned off the books, in other words the good ones.

Rather than split hairs and worry that I have left up the wrong images rather than the right ones I have decided to remove the whole section of the site.

I don't make any money and I devoted the whole section to them and their work but I will not pay tribute to someone who does not want or deserve it.

I met Richard at a convention once and I can say that he was less than enthusiastic about meeting another fan. My childhood adoration of them and their work was broken and reading the series has never been the same since.

Please see Richard's letter below for an exact quote.

Subject: Kitiaria's World!
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 16:56:42 -0400
From: Richard Pini [removed] Organization: Warp Graphics
To: Hello -

I believe we've had some correspondence in the past about Elfquest imagery on your web site at I note that there are still several instances where our necessary copyright protection policy is not being observed. I will be happy to send the complete guideline, but at the moment what is of most concern is that there are several complete sets of images (portfolio plates, calendar plates, etc.), which is not permitted. Of greater concern than that, however, is the background or wallpaper that you employ, which is made of our trademarked "wolf in crescent moon" logo. This image cannot be used anywhere outside of, or on Warp/Elfquest publications or products.

I thank you for your immediate attention to these matters.

Warp Graphics, Inc.
Richard Pini - publisher

Note: For the record he had me confused with another wonderful devoted fan site when he says that he has spoken to me in the past.