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GeoCities A-List Where the Just Plain Weird hang out.

The Bible in Pig Latin This is a clear indication that someone had far too much time on their hands!

Procedures for Inappropriate Behavior

The Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow

Xtreme Media's Pork Wars
Itchy Kathy You won't even believe this one!
Virtual Pooh Sticks
Epicenter - Fun on the Farm - Virtual Cow Tipping

Society For Preventing Parents From Naming Their Children Jennifer
Parent Breeder Guide
How to Trim Your Child's Bangs!
Child Selling/Child Buying

The Surrealist Compliment Generator Guaranteed to make you crack a smile!

Planet Zoom Lots of neat stuff including Magnetic Poetry Art.

I, Rearrangement Servant As weird as it sounds this is a handy little anagram maker/translator. Try it out!

Mr. Edible Starchy Tuber Head

Click'n Sniff page

Ad Nauseum

C*E*A (Center for the Easily Amused) Check out the section on Slacking Off at Work!

Cat Food...The Other White Meat

NewFART, FARTS, fart 11/18/97

Tour de Butt
The Stomach and Bellybutton Page
Pot Bellied Men of America Home Page

The Dog Diaper Home Page

JEIUSA The world's only officially sanctioned web site for the ChiaŽ connoisseur and The Smart ClapperŽ afficionado.

PythOnline Monty Python deserves to be in a weird class all its own. But we love them all the same. Smiley Face

Heartless Bitches International - "Deal With It!"
Mark's Bitch Letter Generator for women

Americans for Cloning Elvis (ACE)
Elvis Spotter's Web Page
Find-A-Grave Locate your favorite Star.

The Shrine to Toast

George Goble (GHG) [EXTENDED HOME PAGE] No explaination just go there, you'll see!

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