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You are about to propose your website for honouring

The CACTUS AWARD will honour
outstanding, informative and userfriendly websites.
The CACTUS AWARD is a distinctive mark how a website should be
(in our eyes).

If you think your website is worth to earn the CACTUS AWARD then send an email to

with the subject:       award

and the following content:

Your email-address,
the URL of your website,
the title of your website
and your full name.

Of course there are some rules and restrictions you have to meet before you can include the CACTUS AWARD logo in your homepage.
We will check your website and if it meets all our requirements, then (and only then) you will get an email (within a few weeks) with the award logo to implement to your site. Your URL will be added to the
list of holders.

1) Do not propose sites which are not suitable for kids

2) Do not propose a playful, overloaded startpage. Let your startpage be short, meaningful and without Java-applets or so.

3) If your pages include huge pictures or long loading applets, then announce them.

4) Think of the bandwith. Homepages with long loading times will not do

5) Put only useful links on your pages and check them carefully

6) Good websites are always under construction. Take away these boring under-construction-logos or let them reside in the last corner of the page

7) Be short and informative. There are enough wishy-washy-sites around

8) Please do not announce commercial sites

9) Sites with more than one popup are not accepted

Now, thats all. We are looking forward to your proposals. Good luck!


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