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preamble for all lessons
1) cityscape
2) cityscape up
3) cityscape down
4) room interior two point
5) railway
6) room interior CVP
6b) room interior cont.
7) letters
8) shadows basic
9) shadows 2
10) archway
10b) completed arch
11) road
11b) road continuded
12) book
12b) book continued

1) 'quick sketch page'
2) methods of shading
3) tennis and shadows
4) reference sheet
5) in three dimensions
6) a 'fork' in the road
7) portraiture
8) portraiture cont.
9) drawing roses

This is a free drawing lesson site for students who need to learn to draw and teachers who require practical lesson notes. We aim for improved visual literacy and begin here with the basics  
This site is a small part of the COWDISLEY general painting lesson site.

The recently released New DVD ($45) lesson movie & CD ($29)(print and view all our lessons plus much more) of all the lessons by John Hagan is currently being used by over 350 US and 110 international schools, colleges and universities by teachers, for their classroom lesson plans, and students for their practical education. Here are the direct links to the popular Educators Network and Site For Teachers, both sites feature our lesson plans. You might also like to see the Cowdisley Atelier showing some paintings that use the drawing techniques explained here. You might also like to view two Video Lessons
1) Painting Roses Part 1
2) Painting Roses Part 2

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