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Deadline is now passed.

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who wrote a message for a skater. I received messages from 20 different countries and 38 states! All messages have now been printed and organized into booklets. (Well, Michelle Kwan's gonna end up getting a BOOK - her messages take up 35 pages!) They look very nice! I'll try my best to give the messages to each skater personally; if I'm not able to, I'll give them to the coach of that skater.

Here is the final message count:
Michelle Kwan - 155!
Elvis Stojko - 42
Alexei Yagudin - 37
Bourne/Kraatz - 32
Sarah Hughes - 26
Anissina/Peizerat - 22
Angela Nikodinov - 21
Michael Weiss - 20
Hartsells - 16

In my daily reports, I will post when I deliver the messages.

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