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Jump Charts

I took good notes while in Helsinki, and here are lists of every jump that every man attempted and/or landed in his free skate at '99 Worlds. An incredible 23 out of 24 men landed clean 3axels!

Skaters are listed in the order they skated.

Go here to see the ladies' jump charts.

Name of skater Jumps attempted/landed
Markus Leminen 3lutz, 3loop, 3axel, 3toe, 3lutz
Margus Hernits 3axel, 3sal3toe, 3loop, 3lutz, 3flip
Patrick Meier 3axel-step-3toe, 3lutz2toe, 3flip, 3loop, 2axel, 3sal
Robert Grzegorczyk 3axel2toe, 3lutz, 3loop, 3axel, 3flip, 3sal, 3toe
Emmanuel Sandhu 3axel3toe(almost), 3flip2toe, 3loop, 3lutz, 3axel(fall), 3toe, 3sal
Roman Skornyakov 3axel2toe, 3flip, 3lutz, 3loop, 3sal(step out), 3toe(step out)
Anthony Liu 4toe2toe, 3axel, 3lutz3toe,3flip, 3loop, 3sal, 3lutz
Vahktang Murvanidze 3axel(step out), 3flip, 2lutz, 2axel, 3axel, 3loop(step out), 3sal, 3toe, 3lutz
Trifun Zivanovic 3axel2toe, 4toe(2foot), 3axel, 3flip-step-3toe, 2.5lutz, 3sal, 3toe
Timothy Goebel 3flip, 3axel3toe, 4sal3toe, 3axel, 4toe(step out), 3toe(step out), 3sal
Evgeny Pliuta 2lutz, 3axel2toe, 3loop, 3flip, 3lutz, 3sal, 3toe
Szabolcs Vidrai 3toe, 3axel3toe(almost), 2lutz, 1lutz, 1loop, 3axel, 3flip, 3sal2toe, 3toe
Stefan Lindemann 3axel3toe, 3flip, 3lutz(2foot), 3loop, 3axel(slight hand), 3lutz2toe(hand), 3sal(hand)
Laurent Tobel 3axel3toe, 3lutz, 3axel, 3loop, 3sal, 3flip3toe
Ivan Dinev 3axel3toe, 4toe, 3flip, 3axel(step out), 1.5lutz, 3loop, 3sal(step out), 2axel
Zhengxin Guo 3axel3toe, 4toe, 3lutz3toe, 3loop, 3axel, 3flip, 2axel, 3sal
Takeshi Honda 3axel, 4toe, 3lutz2toe, 3axel3toe(step out), 3flip, 3loop, 3sal, 2axel
Dmitry Dmitrenko 3axel2toe, 3toe, 3lutz, 3flip, 3axel, 3toe, 2loop, 2sal, 2sal
Elvis Stojko 3flip, 4toe(fall out), 3axel2toe, 2loop, 4toe2toe, 3axel, 3lutz2toe, 3sal
Alexei Yagudin 3axel3toe, 4toe, 3axel, 3flip3toe, 3loop, 3lutz, 3sal
Alexei Urmanov 3flip, 3axel, 3axel2toe, 3lutz, 2loop, 3loop, 3sal, 3toe
Evgeni Plushenko 4toe(hand), 3axel3toe, 3loop, 3axel, 3lutz3toe, 3flip, 3sal
Andrejs Vlascenko 3axel, 2sal, 1axel, 3lutz, 3flip, 3loop, 2sal, 3toe(step out)
Michael Weiss 4toe(2foot), 3axel2toe, 3flip3toe, 3axel, 3loop, 3sal, 3lutz

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