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The Ladies' Jumps...

I took good notes while I was in Helsinki, and here is the list of all the jumps that every lady attempted and/or landed in the free skate at the 1999 World Championships. Skaters are listed in the order they skated.

Go here to see the men's jump charts.

Name of Skater Jumps attempted/landed
Fumie Suguri 3lutz2toe, 1flip, 2axel, 3sal, 2loop, 1flip, 3toe(step out), 3sal2toe
Sabine Wojtala 3lutz2toe, 3toe2toe, 3flip(fall), 3sal, 3loop, 2axel, 3sal2toe
Caroline Guelke 3toe, 3loop, 3flip(fall out), 2axel(step out), 3sal(step out), 3loop(fall), 3toe2toe, 2loop
Valeria Trifancova 2axel-step-2toe, 3sal2toe, 3toe(fall out), 2loop, 2axel, 3toe2toe, 2sal, 2loop, 2toe, 2flip
Julia Sebestyen 3lutz(fall), 3loop(barely), 2flip, 3sal, 2flip, 3lutz, 2axel, 3toe2toe
Julia Lautowa 3lutz, 3flip2toe, 2loop, 3toe2toe, 3sal-turn-2toe, 3toe, 2axel
Eva-Maria Fitze 3toe3toe, 3lutz(step out), 2sal, 2loop(step out), 3loop(huge splat), 3toe2toe, 1loop, 3sal
Jennifer Robinson 3sal, 3lutz, 3loop(fall), 3toe, 3sal2toe, 2loop, 2flip, 2axel
Alisa Drei 3toe2toe, 3lutz, 3loop, 3lutz(hand)2toe, 2flip, 2sal, 3sal, 2axel
Sylvia Fontana 3lutz, 3flip(fall), 2loop, 2axel, 3toe, 3toe-step-2toe, 3sal
Yulia Vorobieva 1loop, 3flip2toe, 3sal, 2axel, 3loop(hand), 3toe(hand), 3toe(fall), 1axel, 2loop
Angela Nikodinov 3lutz2toe, 3flip2toe, 2axel, 3loop, 3sal, 1toe, 3toe(turn out)
Viktoria Volchkova 3loop, 2lutz, 3flip(fall), 3toe, 3toe-step-2toe, 3sal, 2axel, 3lutz(fall)
Yulia Lavrenchuk 1lutz, 3loop, 3flip, 3toe, 2axel, 3sal
Diana Poth 3toe3toe, 2lutz, 3loop, 3flip(fall), 1flip, 3sal, waxel
Elena Liashenko 3lutz2toe, 3flip, 3toe, 3loop(2foot), 3sal, 2axel2toe, 2toe(step out)
Lucinda Ruh 3toe2toe, 2flip, 1sal, 2axel, 3loop, 3sal(fall), 3toe, 3sal
Sarah Hughes 2axel, 3lutz2toe, 3loop, 3flip, 3lutz, 3toe, 3sal
Tatiana Malinina 3lutz, 3flip, 3toe, 3loop, 3sal2toe, 2axel into 2axel, 2lutz2toe
Vanessa Gusmeroli 3lutz, 3loop, 3flip(fall out), 3toe2toe, 3sal, 2flip(fall out), 2axel, 3toe
Julia Soldatova 3sal3toe, 3lutz2toe, 3flip(fall), 3loop, 2axel-step-2toe, 3lutz, 3sal
Maria Butyrskaya 3lutz, 3flip, 3sal, 3toe, 3lutz2toe, 3toe-1/2loop-2sal, 3loop, 2axel
Anna Rechnio 3flip2toe, 3lutz, 3toe, 3loop, 3sal, 3toe2toe, 2axel, 2axel(fall out)
Michelle Kwan 3lutz-turn-2toe, 3toe2toe, 3loop, 3flip, 1axel, 3sal, 3lutz, 3toe

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