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Hartwall Arena!
Taken 11:00 PM Helsinki time on February 4, 1999
from Helsinki Cam.

Welcome - Tervetuloa - Wilkommen - Bienvenue - Szivesen lat

Welcome to my web site dedicated to the largest and most exciting figure skating competition of the year - the 1999 World Championships! I was incredibly excited to travel to Helsinki to see this wonderful event in person. (I also attended the 1998 World Championships in Minneapolis, my hometown, last year - go here to see some of those pictures.)

I think you will find this site interesting and informative. There's an event schedule, a list of competitors, a page for predictions, results from 1998, a television schedule, pictures, and more. During the Championships, at least once a day every day, I posted here my comments/reviews on the practice sessions and competition events.

Jump charts are up for the men and the ladies. - see what jumps every singles skater attempted and landed in the free skate!

All photos are now up. See below for the link.

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