WOW, I think I just witnessed a skating competition of a lifetime! The men's event was just incredible! A whopping 23 out of 24 men landed clean triple axels!! (Patrick Meier stepped out of his.) Now how often does that happen??

Markus Leminen started us off and did an excellent job. Landed 5 triples including the axel and two 3lutzes. I threw him a little stuffed owl and congratulated him later. :o) Margus Hernits also did very well, landing six clean triples. He seems like a really nice kid, and I was very happy for him. Patrick Meier was the only one not to land a clean 3axel, but he did land 5 other triples. Robert Grzegorczyk did well but I guess the judges didn't particularly like it 'cause he finished last in the free skate. Emmanuel Sandhu landed 6 triples and fell on his 2nd 3axel. Much better than last year, obviously, when he didn't even qualify for the free skate. Tatiana Malinina stood at the boards and watched her boyfriend Roman Skornyakov skate, and he started off really well, but stepped out of a couple jumps at the end.

Anthony Liu was awsome: 4toe2toe, 3axel, 3lutz3toe, 3flip, 3loop, 3sal, 3lutz. Big applause. Vahktang Murvanidze landed 5 clean triples and stepped out of 2 others. Trifun Zivanovic did great! And he almost landed a quad toe; he just 2footed it! He landed both his 3axels and 6 triples total. Timothy Goebel was fabulous!! He landed: 3flip, 3axel3toe, 4sal3toe, 3axel, 4toe(step out), 3toe(step out), 3sal. He got tears in his eyes when he landed that quad-triple and he was crying when he was done, he was so happy. Good for him, he did such an excellent job. If this hadn't been such an excellent competition, he probably would've placed much higher with that kind of performance. Evgeny Pliuta landed 6 triples but wasn't happy with his performance. Szabolcs Vidrai landed both 3axels but messed up some other jumps.

Stefan Lindemann did well, although he put his hand down on a couple jumps. He should be happy with all his performances, though. I bought some tulips for him, and went down near the kiss n' cry after his skate to give them to him. I almost thought he wasn't gonna take them 'cause he stepped off the ice to hug his coach, but then he walked over and took them from me and gave me a hug and a kiss!! :o) It was shown on the Jumbotron, too! Ooh, my first kiss from a skater!! LOL! I think Stefan has a new fan. :o)p

Laurent Tobel had the skate of his life!! Perfectly clean - 3axel3toe, 3lutz, 3axel, 3loop, 3sal, 3flip3toe! The crowd went wild and he received a roaring standing ovation, which was well deserved. He was so excited and happy with himself that he even tripped and fell when skating over to the boards, LOL! Good for him, he should be very proud of himself.

Ivan Dinev stepped out of a couple jumps but did land a clean 4toe! Zhengxin Guo skated clean, landing 8 triples plus a 4toe. Takeshi Honda was also wonderful and even placed 4th in the free skate. He stepped out of the second part of his 3axel3toe, but was otherwise clean and did land his 4toe. Dmitry Dmitrenko started off well, but started doubling jumps towards the end.

Last group: Elvis Stojko was great but not magnificent. He fell out of the 4toe (but landed a 4toe2toe later) and doubled two other jumps. Still, a nice performance. I liked the program better live than on TV. Alexei Yagudin was perfect and no doubt deserved his second World title. Landed 8 triples plus the 4toe. I will miss that program, it really is one of the best programs I have seen. I've decided that I love Alexei Urmanov's Tango music and his program. :) He doubled 2 jumps and just barely landed the 3flip, but he still did well. Plushenko did a couple great 4toe3toes in the warm-up, but only did a solo 4toe in competition and had to put his hand down. Otherwise, he was perfect, and for some reason, I really like that program of his. :o) Andrejs Vlascenko didn't have a great night and was very disappointed with himself in the kiss n' cry. This is funny - when he was waiting for his marks and Michael Weiss was on the ice stroking around, the American team sitting in the stands, headed by the Hartsells and Handy/Binnebose, single-handedly started the "wave"! The whole arena got into it and the wave actually got around at least 4 times. We were really loud and Michael was probably thinking "oh geez, look what you guys did!" LOL It must've helped, 'cause he skated great and won bronze! :o) He really did skate well. 2footed the 4toe and did a 2toe after the 3axel instead of a 3toe, but the program was wonderful and he was full of energy. I can't remember if the whole arena gave him a standing O or just the American section, but in any case, we were loud! I am so happy for him! His dad was sitting in the stands all week, even for some practices, and must be so proud.

What a wonderful night of skating!!

(I did not attend the dance OD today after all. Watched part of it on Eurosport, though! :) I am so happy for Marina and Gwendal!!)

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