I'll try to make this as detailed as possible, but please forgive me for any errors or whatnot because I have been awake for 36 hours now with no sleep and I am ready to drop! :)

NOTE: RT means "run-through"

Pairs' SP practice

The Hartsells had a very nice practice and a clean RT. Should do well tomorrwo. Ina/Zimmerman had a so-so practice; they didn't do a complete RT, but had excellent unison on SBS spins. She is so tiny! In Handy/Binnebose's RT, she slipped on her edge within 10 seconds and almost took out Danielle Hartsell. She managed a throw 3sal but stepped out of her 3toe. Bestandigova/Bestandig - her hair is bright purplish red. She had a hard fall on the throu 3sal in the RT.
Zagorska/Siudek were sitting in the stands but we missed their practice. Kristy Sargeant had a lot of trouble on her 3toe today, and she tripped on the ending pose in the RT. Saurett/Fecteau skate to neat instrumental/percussion music and did a very nice job. Pang and Tong, the 2nd Chinese team, did extremely well and I think they are someone to look out for soon. Shen and Zhao were PERFECT today. I didn't see them miss a thing. Got the (sparse) crowd oohing and aahing.
Gwendal Peizerat came out to watch some of the pairs, and the whole time he was standing by th eboards, my aunt kept yelling at me to go ask him out to dinner and what a wonderful boyfriend he would make, LMAO! He didn't hear, but about a dozen people surroudning us were gigglling. :o)

The men

All three Russians looked great, but Yags was by far the best. Solid, absolutely effortlsess jumps. Landed two 4toe3toes. Clear leader of the field today. However, Tim Goebel was ON today. Among other things, he landed (on the first tries and with almost NO speed, I should day) 4sal, 4sal3toe, 4toe, and 4toe3toe. He was amazing. Weiss only did a partial RT and had a pretty good practice. No quads from him. Trifun Zivanovic did very well and even attemted a few quads. Tatiana Malinina was there witih Roman Skornyakov, and she looked really nice - and really anorexic, but that's another story. She was joking around with Alexei Urmanov and had him sign her hand. :) But anyway, Roman did not have a good practice. Danilchenko and Pliuta both had pretty good RTs.
Emmanuel Sandhu was wearing the same weird bodysuit type thing that I swore I saw him wear last year, too. He had an AWFUL RT - he popped everything but the lutz, which he fell on. Not a good day. He did tons of 2toes, i think in prep for a quad, which never came. Ivan Dinev had a great practice and even landed a 4toe! If he skates like that tomorrow, he will do well.
I'm so mad I missed this - when Elvis came out onto the ice and went to the boards to put his guards down or something, the old guy in front of my ant said that he knew Elvis personally (he was kidding). So my aunt says kinda loud, well why don't you get his attention and say hi? Elvis apparently hears this and looks up at my aunt, who has her camera out ready to take a picture. But someone gets in the way, and my aunt starts shooing her to "sit down, I'm trying to take a picture!" and Elvis starts smiling and moves around a little. So my aunt tells him "Elvis, just stand there for 5 minutes, would ya? Good!" LOL Elvis laughes and smiles for the picture. When she starts to put down the camera, the old guy says that Elvis wants her to take another one - and she looks at Elvis, and he's standing there smilling with his tongue sticking out, waiting for her to take another one. So she does, then waves her hand, motioning for him to go off and skate, which he does. LOL! They should be great pics! But anyway, Elvis had a good but not great practice, falling out the quad and just hanging onto a 3axel in the RT. But he did land a 4toe(almost!)3toe later.
Laurent Tobel entertained the crowd with his Pink Panther number, but afterwards took a big-time SPLAT on a 3axel, just missing the boards and actually spraying a couple coaches with ice. He stays down for a sec and when he comes up he's like, "holy..." But he's okay and does two very nice 3axel3toes a few minutes later. Stefan Lindemann did pretty well, landing both his 3axels in the Rt. Tylleson also had a nice RT. Leminen did very well except for the 3axel, which he never landed. Hernits had a wonderful day, landing just about every 3-3 combo imaginable.

Sarah Hughes was in the stands for a while watching the pairs, and I got her autograph and talked to her for a few minutes. Also got autographs from Urmanov, Weiss, Tylleson, Sandhu, Hernits, and two guys whose handwriting I can't make out whatsoever, so I'll have to think about who exactley they were, LOL!

Messages were delivered to Elvis Stojko, the Hartsells, and Michael Weiss.

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