Jump Charts

I know there are people interested in this, so here is a list of all the jumps attempted and/or landed in the ladies and men's free skate in Nice. Short program jump charts may come later.

a=axel L=lutz l=loop f=flip t=toe loop s=salchow


Patrick Meier 2a, 3L, 3F(2foot), 2a, 2a, 2t2t, 2s, 2t
Ben Ferreira 3t3t, 3a, 3L, 3f(step out), 2a(step out), 3l, 3s, 3L2t
Markus Leminen 3L, 3a2t, 3l, 2t2t, 3f, 3a(fall), 3t, 2L, 2s
Michael Tylleson 3a, 3L(fall), 2f(fall out), 3t2t, 3a2t, 3l(hand), 3s, 3t
Dmitri Dmitrenko 3a3t, 4t(fall), 3L, 3f, 3a(step out), 3l, 3s-1/2l-2s
Ivan Dinev 1a, 4t(fall), 3L(step out), 3a, 3l, 2f, 3s(step out), 2a
Andrejs Vlascenko 3a2t, 2s, 3f(step), 3L, 1a, 3l, 2s3t, 3s
Vitaly Danilchenko 3t, 3a2t, 3L, 3a, 3l, 3f, 3s
Roman Skornyakov 3a3t, 3f, 3a(fall out), 3L(hand), 3l(step out), 3t, 3s, 2a
Takeshi Honda 3a3t, 4t, 3s(fall), 3L, 3a, 3l, 3f
Anthony Liu 4t(hand), 3a(fall out), 3L3t, 3f, 3l, 3s, 3L, 3t
Zhengxin Guo 3a3t, 4t, 3L, 3f, 3l, 3s
Stefan Lindemann 3a3t, 1.5L, 3a, 3l, 3f, 3t, 1s
Tim Goebel 3f, 1a, 4s3t, 4t, 3a(step out)3t, 3L(fall), 3l, 3s
Vincent Restencourt 4t, 3a3t, 2f, 1a, 3L, 3a, 3l, 3s
Stannick Jeannette 3a3t, 3f, 3L(fall), 2a, 3l, 3s, 3t
Elvis Stojko 4t(fall), 3a2t, 3L, 3a3t, 3f3t, 3l, 3s
Chengjiang Li 4t3t(fall out), 3a3t, 3L, 3a(fall), 3l, 2s
Alexander Abt 4t(2foot), 3a2t, 3a(fall), 2L, 3l, 3f(2foot), 3s
Michael Weiss 4t(step out), 3a2t, 3f3t, 3a(hand), 3l, 3s, 3L
Alexei Yagudin 4t3t, 4t, 3a, 3f, 3a1t, 3l, 3s, 3L(fall)
Evgeni Plushenko 2t, 3t, 3a, 4t(fall), 3L, 3f, 3a2t1l, 3s, 3l


Zoya Douchine ??? 4 clean triples
Ivana Jakupcevic ??? a lot of step-outs and 2foots
Shirene Human 3t, 2a2t, 2s, 3t(fall), 2a, 2l, 2L
Siyun Sun 2a, 3t2t, 3l(2foot), 2tr, 3s, 3t(bad fall), 3s(fall out)
Anna Lundstrom 3l(turn out), 3L(fall), 2a, 3t(2foot), 3t, 3f(fall), 3s
Silvia Fontana 3L, 2f, 2l, 3s(step out), 3t, 2a, 2t, 2a(step out)
Alisa Drei 3t, 2L, 3l, 2L, 3f, 3s(hand), 2a2t
Galina Maniachenko 2L, 3l(hand), 3f, 1L, 2a, 2s, 3t(fall), 1a2t
Tatiana Malinina 3L(fall), 3f, 3t, 3l(fall), 3s(2foot)2t, 2L, 2a(fall)
Diana Poth 3t2t, 3L, 2l, 1f, 3f(fall), 3s, 2a
Anna Rechnio 3f(fall), 3L(step out), 2t, 3t, 2l, 3f, 3l, 2a(fall)
Yoshi Onda 3f, 3L(hand), 3t2t, 3s, 2a, 3l(fall), 3s2t, 3t, 2a
Mikkeline Kierkgaard 3l, 3t, 2f, 2a1t, 3s, 3t2t, 3s2t, 2a
Sabina Wojtala 3L2t, 2f, 3t2t, 2a, 1l, 1l, 2s, 3s
Viktoria Volchkova 3L2t, 3f, 1l, 3s, 3t, 1a, 3L(fall), 2l
Angela Nikodinov 3L, 3l, 2f, 3L(2foot?), 2s, 2t, 2a
Jennifer Robinson 3s, 3L2t, 3f, 3L, 3l(turn out), 3t, 3s2t, 2a
Elena Liashenko 3L, 3f(fall), 3t, 2.5l, 2s, 3s2t, 3??
Michelle Kwan 3l, 3L2t, 3t3t, 3s, 3f, 2a, 3L
Vanessa Gusmeroli 3L2t, 3f, 3l, 3s, 3L, 3t, 2a
Julia Sebestyen 3L(hand), 3f(fall), 3l, 2a(step out), 3L2t(2foot), 3t, 3s(fall)
Maria Butyrskaya 3L, 3f, 3t-1/2l-2.5s, 3l, 2s, 2a, 3t
Irina Slutskaya 3L2l, 2s, 3s2l, 3L, 3l, 3f, 2a, 3t
Sarah Hughes 2a, 3s3l, 3t3l(fall out), 3L, 3f, 2a, 3t

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