Here are the transcripts of a couple interviews I did in Nice. I want to thank these people for taking the time to sit down with me and answer a few questions. All three of them are great people!

Keep in mind that I am not a professional interviewer; in fact, this was my first and second time interviewing a non-family member! My questions in the first interview weren't always in a logical order, LOL.

Peggy Schwarz and Mirko Mueller

Mirko did most of the talking...:o)

Kelly I'm here right now with Peggy Schwarz and Mirko Mueller of Germany...To start off, what were your goals this week?
Mirko Um, first, to skate clean, which we didn't reach, but secondly, to have fun and to show the audience that we like skating, and that we want to make the audience feel that we like skating, that, like, that's what our life is about now, that's what we've done here.
Kelly Well, you skated clean in the short program, so you must have felt good about that.
Mirko The short program was great, it was a great feeling. It was a hard competition, though, for the pairs in the short program - it was really tough out there; the first 8 or 9 skated was a great experience, especially skating after the French couple, the audience just went was great.
Kelly Who did the choreography for "Patch Adams"?
Mirko Our choreographer, Diana Goolsbey, like the last three years before, too.
Kelly Yeah, that's a really nice program. So, are you satisfied with your long program, or, um, what happened? You landed the jumps well.
Mirko No, we're not satisfied. Um, we made a couple of mistakes which we hadn't done before, like the throw triple twist, or triple twist, never happened to us, so couple of things just like, kind of happened, we weren't prepared [to have] it happen. But I think from the choreography side, we showed one of the best programs from the season, and well, I mean being fifth or eighth in the end doesn't make too much difference, though, I mean what counts is place one, two, three, and then like four to ten, so, I mean being fifth or eighth, no difference.
Kelly So what are your plans now, and are you going to stay eligible for next season?
Mirko Well, first we're going to go to tour in Germany for three weeks, and then we're going to think about what we're going to do; we don't know yet.
Kelly No ideas for programs next season?
Mirko No ideas yet...if we skate on, it's going to be very interesting, though.
Kelly So what have you been doing for fun this week?
Mirko Um, rollerblading, Peggy was rollerblading today, getting some tan; we're going to Cannes; today we went to Monte Carlo, we're going to go there, Peggy and me and all of our friends tomorrow again. I just slept, relaxed, met some was fun.
Kelly How long do you work on your side-by-side spins? They're so perfect.
Mirko Not too long, just, I don't know, it's like the element we work least it always works, we just do it once a day, and it stays the same...the other elements we have to work on much more.
Kelly What is something about yourselves that most people donít know...just some fun fact.
Mirko Some fun fact...yeah, they beat us up everday....(laughs) No, some fun fact...well everybody knows that Peggy has a five-year-old son, he just turned five today...
Kelly Today?
Mirko His birthday is...
Peggy The first of April.
Mirko Well, what else, I mean we live in Berlin, a city you can do just everything, it's like New York, it's a huge city, you can go out, you can meet friends, go water ski in the summer, just go and collapse, and um, mainly, we're on the ice practicing, so...
Kelly (To Peggy) Where is your son?
Peggy By his his father.
Kelly Does he ever travel with you to competitions?
Peggy No, no he doesn't.
Kelly Did you have family here watching you?
Mirko No, not here, but at home, watching the television. No, it would have been too expensive to come here, and they would have had to take vacation, and they all have to work, and...they watch on TV.
Kelly So what are your programs for the shows that you're doing?
Mirko One we do a slow, kind of slow piece from [?], it's about the year 2000, and the second one is faster; it's a mix in the end with "Mission Impossible", and I worked on my back flip, and I hope I'm going to do it in all the shows, I don't know, but it's going to be the second number, in the very end of the second number, so I don't know if my condition is so good to do it every night, but I'm going to try.
Kelly What did it feel like doing the backflip for the very first time?
Mirko HUGE kick! (Laughs.) I can't describe it.
Kelly Well, thank you for being here, and good luck in the future.
Mirko Okay, you're welcome.

This second interview was shorter, but I was a little more prepared for it and managed to ask questions in a logical order...:o)

Anna Wenzel

Kelly Okay, this is Kelly Behning, and I'm here in Nice, France, at the World Figure Skating Championships, and I'm here with Anna Wenzel of Austria, who competed in the ladies' event. First of all, for those people who don't know, where do you train and who is your coach?
Anna I train in Vienna, and my coach is Sonja Balun, who was a good skater for Czech Republic, but she moved to Austria a long time ago, and I live in Vienna, and spend the whole year there.
Kelly How long have you been skating?
Anna Twelve years now.
Kelly What were your goals this week?
Anna Well, the goals were to get into the final, but I didn't achieve them; but that's okay, because, um, I knew at the draw that it wouldn't happen - the groups weren't evenly drawn, so there was no way I could get in.
Kelly How do you feel about the unevenness, because if you were in the other group, you probably would have qualified.
Anna Yeah, I probably would have qualified, but you can't change it now, so I might as well not think about it.
Kelly Tell us about your free skate...what was the music, and who came up with the costume idea?
Anna Well, the music is Mozart, with different pieces, and the costume idea was my mom's and mine, we did it together; and also the music, we decided together, but I mean I have to decide if I like it or not...she comes up with the stuff, and then we'll see.
Kelly Did you have family here watching you?
Anna Yeah, my dad and my mom, they came at the qualifying and they stayed here until Saturday, just to make some holiday, so they didn't really bother me (smiles).
Kelly What are your plans now, and what are your future goals?
Anna Well, now I plan to skate on, and see how it works, and in the future, well, I'll skate as long as things are moving on and I can get better; if I see that thereís no getting better for me, then I'll just have to stop, but now, it's getting better, so....
Kelly What did you do for fun this week?
Anna Actually, only things for fun, because I skated only Wednesday! (Laughs.) We went around the city and my best friend, the girl from Yugoslavia, we just walked around Nice and the beaches, and went shopping.
Kelly What is something about yourself that most people donít know, like some fun fact?
Anna Oh my God, actually, everyone knows everything about me! I don't really know...
Kelly Well, thank you for being here, and good luck in the future!
Anna You're welcome.

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