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A sailboat on the Meditteranean, advertising Worlds.
Photo by Joseph Coleman.

Welcome to my site dedicated to the 2000 World Figure Skating Championships!

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Kelly with Alexei Yagudin at the Novotel. :o)


Photos! Photos! Photos!

Jump Charts are up for the men's and ladies' free skates.

Go here to read my interviews with Peggy Schwarz/Mirko Mueller and Anna Wenzel.

Thank you to everyone who has visited this site. I'm glad so many people have enjoyed it. I would also like to thank my generous aunt Joni, whose financial help made this trip possible and whose laptop made these reports possible; my roommate Paula, who got us into the official hotel and who introduced me to many people; and especially Peggy Schwarz, Mirko Mueller, and Anna Wenzel, who sat down with me for interviews.

For those of you wondering, I'm pretty sure I'll be going to Vancouver for Worlds next year, although I have no idea where I'll get the money...maybe I should start a "send Kelly to Worlds" fund, LOL!

Quotes of the week
"After the big events like this, the skaters' hotel always needs to close down for six months for rennovation."
- an acquaintance of mine, said during the skaters' party on Saturday night after one of the skaters (who shall remain nameless) knocked over and broke a whole tray of wine glasses and another skater threw up all over the 5th floor hallway...

"She went swimming and her hair did THAT??
- the same acquaintance, said to pairs skater Josef Bestandig on his sister Olga's funky hairdo :)

The awards for "Skater who I ran into the most"
Gold goes to Cornel Gheorghe. Monday-Thursday, he was there every time I turned around. Silver goes to Alisa Drei, who stayed down the hall from me. Bronze goes to Zagorska/Siudek. Don't know which floor they were on, but they seemed to be there every other time I looked around. Honorable mention goes to Alexei Yagudin, who was also on my floor.

Tune in to Skate Radio to hear some of my reports from Nice!

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