Day 8

Sunday, April 2, 2000

OMG, this was too funny...Gwendal Peizerat just spent the last hour hanging out his hotel window throwing autographed postcards down to the crowd below, and Abitbol/Bernadis and Vanessa Gusmeroli hung out their window and did the same for a while! It was hilarious! I went outside to get some pictures and ended up catching a signed postcard of Abitbol/Bernadis. :)


I had awful seats, but I won't go into that...I'm just going to list here which program these skaters did.
Vincent Restencourt was scheduled to skate but didn't; don't know why.
Sarah Hughes skated to "The Prayer".
Zagorska/Siudek used some sort of vocal classical music.
Chengjiang Li - "Riverdance".
Chait/Sakhnovsky - their free dance
Vanessa Gusmeroli - "Butterfly"
Sale/Pelletier - "Kiss" by Prince. They wore shiny vinyl pants, LOL
Evgeni Plushenko - free skate minus the 3a and 4t
Lobacheva/Averbukh - "Tutti Frutti" - how many times have they used this program now???
Maria Butyrskaya - "Carmen" - same outfit as at Europeans
Abitbol/Bernadis - "Mask of Zorro" - this program is absolutely brilliant, although I liked Sarah's red dress that she wore at Skate America better than the pink one she wore today. At the end of their program, Sarah's tiny 3-4 pound dog came running onto the ice and followed them around - very cute. :)

Stannick Jeannette - some weird, funky program - what he does best, LOL
Drobiazko/Vanagas - "Sunrise at Alcatraz"
Michael Weiss - "Super Freak" - he wore shiny gold pants and started the program in a handstand
Irina Slutskaya - some dance song
Shen/Zhao - "Crazy". They wore black vinyl pants and white shirts.
Stojko - "I Like it Like That" (or whatever it's called - he's done it a zillion times)
Fusar-Poli/Margaglio - their Arabian number; part of it is "Hava Nagila" (don't know how to spell that)
Michelle Kwan - "Hands", then an encore to part of her SP.
Petrova/Tikhonov - techno version of "Rigoletto" by G.Verdi. She seemed to be trying to "beat him up" most of the probram. Her red shorts were a little on the short side. :)
Alexei Yagudin - "Tosca", then an encore to "September Morning" by Neil Young.
Anissina/Peizerat - "Dance with me, Esmerelda". They did an encore to their original dance and yet another encore to something else.

The only falls came from Kwan, who fell on her 3lutz, and Yagudin, who tripped while skating forward (he tried to cover it up like he did at Improv Ice in December), and then, during his encore, landed his death drop on his butt. He couldn't cover that one up too well. :)

I can't believe another Worlds is over...:( Well, almost, anyway. There's a banquet tonight for the skaters, and I don't leave 'til tomorrow afternoon.

Things I did not like about this trip: