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4/10/02 In view of just announced research about St. John's Wort not being effective for treating depression, I have revised the article on police officers and depression.

Introduction to Police Stress


    Some words for police officers who were on the front lines of terror, editorial by Hal Brown, LICSW

    The following article was posted on the "Gift from Within" Website. It presents methods of psychological first aid, self care, finding assistance, and talking to children about what happened. Terrorism: September 11, 2001: Trauma, Grief, and Recovery by Kathleen Nader, D.S.W.

    Symptoms and treatment of Police Stress

  1. Am I stressed out?
  2. Why police officers have so much trouble getting psychological support, by Gene Sanders, PhD
  3. Panic attacks - what they are and how to cope and why police officers find having panic disorder so embarrassing.
  4. PTSD and how it effects the officer and the family.
  5. Updated 4/10/02 : Recognizing and treating depression
  6. The Tragic Outcome of Police Stress: Police Suicide
  7. Police officers who commit suicide and the loved ones they leave behind by Cheryl Rehl Hahn
  8. A stress disorder syndrome caused by long term "stuffing" of emotions
  9. Sleep Deprivation and Creative Napping
  10. Police stress therapist links and how to locate and evaluate police stress therapists.
  11. Critical Incident Stress Debriefing: Use it or Lose it.  
  12. Model policies and procedures for statewide CISD and CISM teams: submitted with comments by Renee B. Meador, Team leader, W. Virginia CISM / CISD Team

  13. The Politics of Police Stress

  14. Declaring war on your bosses: how to cope when the job betrays you.
  15. My Chief is driving me crazy
  16. Obstacles to seeking therapy: The Ugly Shrink
  17. Doing the right thing and being treated "wrong": when officers don't receive the best psychiatric treatment.
  18. What's in a Name: Is "Corrections" Correct?
  19. Why In-house police stress counselors and corrections stress officers need to be independent.
  20. How to cope with police bashers
  21. Arresting a fellow officer, by Gene Sanders, Ph.D.
  22. What should I do if I stop another officer for drunk driving?
  23. Good officers gone bad: PTSD Issues for Police Officers, by Gene Sanders,  Ph.D.
  24. Men's Health: "Take it like a man - where the sun don't shine"

    Police stress and various aspects of "the job"

  25. The Sergeant's Stress in Middle Management
  26. Female Officers: Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs.
  27. Suicide by cop (or officer assisted suicide)
  28. Grieving Behind the Badge: Emotional Support for Line of Duty Death Survivors
    by Peggy Sweeney Rainone
  29. Why do police officers have such an outlandish rate of marital and domestic failures and calamity? by Police Chief Chuck Pratt, Ret. (click here for his website)
  30. The Issue of Privilege v. Confidentiality in Counseling with Law Enforcement Officers By Dawn-Elise Snipes, MHS, CRC, NCC and Charles Snipes, Certified Law Enforcement Officer
  31. "The key to a happy police family is a happy police marriage: but what happens when your police husband needs to change?"
  32. Some thoughts on racism and how it can effect doing the job
  33. What happens when the rivalry between departments becomes hostile?
  34. Police and EMS Dispatchers have Police Stress too..
  35. ."..You go, we go..."Telecommunicators (Dispatchers) and Police Officers by Renee B. Meador, CISM Team Leader, Western Va CISM Team, Roanoke, Va.
  36. Link to Detroit News article on dispatchers
  37. The Massachusetts heart law which assumes police stress related disability if an officer must retire due to a heart condition
  38. Control 3, Mary 1 Foot Pursuit: Surviving and having success in a foot pursuit comes down to defensive tactics and physical fitness by Jason Harney, Las Vegas Police Dept.

  39. CopShock - Surviving Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD, by Allen R. Kates
  40. Police Stress Management, by Wayne D. Ford, Ph.D.
  41. Love a Cop: What Police Families Need to Know by, by Ellen Kirschman, Ph.D.
  42. Stressline Editors Brown and Sanders were interviewed in the February issue of Massachusetts Psychologist on the rift between psychologists and law enforcement