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April 2009

Durant's Rousseau and Revolution, page 525
Miles Walked, 109.7
April 18: Lodi Event

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Yesterday we went caching back at Sacramento Bar in an effort to finish cleaning out the caches there. We did manage 3 but tired ourselves out and didn't get two in the area. Next fall or winter, maybe.

And then, in a complete change of ambience, last night we went to the Cosmopolitan Cabaret to see "Forever Plaid" which I really enjoyed. (To my surprise.) We have only been to cabarets a couple of times before, in London and the Moulin Rouge in Paris. "Forever Plaid" has a background plot, kinda cute. It's an experiment by the California Musical Theater and I don't see how they'll keep it going unless they change the revue occasionally. We sat with a nice couple from Auburn. They'd eaten in the restaurant and were neutral about the food... good, but they wouldn't have it again.

Today we went to Lodi to a geocache party, took the dog, found a bunch of caches. Very nice. Coming back we stopped at Bernadette's. I couldn't locate one of the cats. I hope she's OK, since I apparently didn't leave enough food out last week.

Glorp. They're testing 0bama, all right. And what's happened to those two women captured in North Korea?

Are you a right wing extremist terrorist?

The report also states that Extreme Right Wingers are upset because Obama is the first black president. I would like to state that is a lie! What conservatives do not like is a president who is spending money he does not have, on programs which will not work in the long run, and on programs which will insure that our children and our children’s children will be paying off Obama’s debt for decades and decades to come. No, we are not worried about having our first “black” president; we are worried about having our first “red” president.
(who listens to dictators but not to Americans.)

I think we could get more conservatives on Twitter if we just gave it a more manly name like "Jab" or "Kicker".

To fire Napolitano or to Waterboard her, that is the question.

Blogger Gets Rationalizing, Hateful Mail From College Professor.

Those Who do Not Understand the Past are Doomed to Repeat It, with a 1934 cartoon.

Racist Tea Party Sign: "Next Time Read the Bill". Implies Obama is illiterate because he's black.

Video, Republican booed.


How to Succees in Jouralism Without Really Trouble.

Report: Antarctic Ice Growing, Not Shrinking.

More tea parties, and Andrew Klavan reported What I Saw.

Yesterday, The Distelfink

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