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Reader's Bill of Rights
  1. The right to not read.
  2. The right to skip pages.
  3. The right to not finish.
  4. The right to reread.
  5. The right to read anything.
  6. The right to read escapism.
  7. The right to read anywhere.
  8. The right to browse.
  9. The right to read out loud.
  10. The right to not defend your tastes.

I like to carry a book with me everywhere. I love to read and average 175-225 books a year, of all types. (209 in 1996!) (However, working on web pages and surfing the net has taken its toll... I only read 134 in 1998. Once we started geocaching, it was All Over, and it was 90 books in 2003, only 58 in 2006. Proofing for Distributed Proofreaders also took its toll, so 2007 was 40 books!) Mostly mysteries, but I also read Science Fiction, historicals, mainstream novels, humor, biographies, history, and children's lit, just to mention some. And I buy them, and buy them. I began to be bothered by this in '93 and developed a project to get rid of (i.e. give to friends or sell at a bookstore) more books than I took in. Hahahahaha!

of Books
1993132 Powell's
1994243Given books
1995472 Powell's
1996691Seattle bookstores
1998875Good booksales?
1999850Finally some sense!
2000809Ditto, but at this rate it will take 20 more years.
2001647Gerhard's death
2002624booksale, ConJose
2003476Beginning to get there!
2004317Still working at it
2005110Getting there slowly.
2006106Very slowly.
2007-28Finally! Getting serious.

This year so far.

I love rec.arts.books on usenet, and am a "RABbabe" in a virtual vote taken 6 or 7 years ago. (Well, I was third, but it counts. I say so.) Here is a page of RABble homepage links and another of Danny Yee's reviews. I also belong to the Dorothy-L mystery mailing list. Bouchercon was a great experience, and I will finish writing about it Real Soon Now. (Or not.)

Authors and Books I Like:

Reviews of some books. I wrote some of these when I belonged to a book club. Others are by other people.

I recently attended a show of Charles Schneeman's science fiction illustrations.

Other People's Book Pages:

I was keeping a "currently reading" place here, but haven't touched it in months, so I'm abandoning it. I am reading the Durant history series, reading book 9, THE AGE OF VOLTAIRE at the moment. Please go to this page for my booknews of this year.

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