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about.html10 Kfadp2008.html15 Kr1999_06.html23 Kta037.html39 K
assist.html2 Kfadpines.html15 Kr1999_07.html8 Kta039.html42 K
a_photos.html10 Kgoldmile.html15 Kr1999_08.html15 Kta041.html51 K
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champs01.html22 Kindex.html53 Kr1999_10.html23 Kta060.html56 K
champs02.html26 Kintrclub.html8 Kr2000_01.html17 Kta064.html49 K
champs03.html34 Kissues.html14 Kr2000_02.html19 Kta065.html45 K
champs04.html28 Klinks.html15 Kr2000_03.html19 Kta066.html55 K
champs05.html23 Klogfile.html15 Kr2001_01.html17 Kta067.html57 K
champs06.html18 Knews.html15 Kr2001_02.html21 Kta068.html49 K
cit_calc.html17 Kpoints.html7 Kr2002_01.html17 Kta069.html76 K
cit_form.html11 Kr1997_03.html6 Kr2002_02.html19 Kta070.html77 K
cit_hint.html19 Kr1997_04.html18 Kr2003_01.html17 Kta071.html61 K
cit_sur2.html35 Kr1997_05.html16 Kr2004_01.html12 Kta072.html102 K
cit_sur3.html25 Kr1997_06.html13 Krecordfm.html8 Kta073.html35 K
cit_surf.html36 Kr1997_08.html21 Krecordsf.html21 Kta_links.html19 K
clubinfo.html28 Kr1997_10.html31 Krecordsm.html21 Ktft_cc97.html17 K
committe.html6 Kr1998_01.html15 Ksct_info.html17 Kveadf.html17 K
ewen.html7 Kr1998_03.html19 Ksum1997p.html37 Kvisits.html35 K
ewen1988.html108 Kr1998_04.html9 Ksum1998p.html32 Kwin00pts.html25 K
ewen2004.html101 Kr1998_05.html14 Ksum1999p.html32 Kwin01pts.html21 K
ewen2005.html118 Kr1998_06.html12 Ksum2000p.html29 Kwin02pts.html21 K
ewen2006.html133 Kr1998_07.html22 Ksum2001p.html32 Kwin03pts.html23 K
ewen2007.html150 Kr1998_08.html25 Ksum2002p.html32 Kwin04pts.html19 K
ewen2008.html160 Kr1998_09.html17 Ksum2003p.html32 Kwin05pts.html34 K
ewen2009.html59 Kr1998_10.html29 Ksum2004p.html30 Kwin06pts.html34 K
ewen84.html4 Kr1998_11.html20 Ksum2005p.html29 Kwin07pts.html30 K
ewen89.html4 Kr1998_12.html11 Ksum2006p.html26 Kwin08pts.html24 K
ewen94.html4 Kr1999_01.html27 Ksum2007p.html24 Kwin96pts.html16 K
ewen99.html4 Kr1999_02.html23 Ksum2008p.html12 Kwin97pts.html20 K
fadp2005.html12 Kr1999_03.html16 Kta035.html36 Kwin98pts.html20 K
fadp2006.html17 Kr1999_04.html14 Kta036.html43 Kwin99pts.html22 K
fadp2007.html16 Kr1999_05.html12 K