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McKnight Family Center

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Welcome to our Dream Retreat! We hope that you will visit often to share memories, dreams, mountain breezes, and gorgeous sunsets--all the things that make up God's wonderful world.   After you have dreamed for awhile, we would appreciate it if you would sign our Memory Book to let us know that you came to "call".

Meet The Family

Hi! My name is Martha a.k.a. Lady Delta. You will find some samples of my art work in the Art Gallery. Currently, I am working on improving my graphic design skills.  You will find some basic samples on the graphics' pages.   My husband is Kent.   His high school in Coldwater, MI has just created their own Home Page. Check it out!     We have a great family -- two sons, two daughters, two sons-in-law, one daughter-in-law, one beautiful granddaughter, and five super grandsons. We are truly fortunate.

We currently live in Pensacola, FL which is in Northwest Florida.  Pensacola is the home of Pensacola Naval Air Station, the Cradle of Naval Aviation.



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My Genealogy

Look for the descendants of Robert Mann, 1692 (England and VA), Robert H. Hurst, 1700 (England), John H. Hurst, 1700, and related families on the surname index page.  This data  base contains more than 2800 individuals representing 564+ surnames.

Try some of the genealogy research tips and sites listed on MY Family Branch   page. In addition, you will find a  large number of great sites to visit on   the Genealogy Sites Page.

Enjoy your visit!  When you sign my Memory Book, you may want to include the surname (s) that you are researching.  Who knows you may find a missing leave or too for your family tree.  It happened to me!  I found a whole branch, and all because I took the time not only to sign a Guestbook but  to browse in the "View My Guestbook Section."   Good Luck!!!

Thanks and come back soon!

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"Every Time I Make My Mark On The World, Somebody Erases It!"

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