Your words write the poems in my heart Give them their meaning and substance and mirth, Your words sing the songs in my head, Writing their meaning and worth Your words are spoken, mine left unheard But now they develop and soar like a bird. Your words have enriched my life and my soul, Freeing my thoughts which is making me whole. Your words are so special and they all mean so much They reach me and stroke me, a soft gentle touch/ You reach out and touch me in so many ways, Brighten the darkness like a sparkling display. Your the song for my music, the words for story, The sun in my morning, the blaze in my glory. When I walked all alone in the darkness with fear To reached out and touched me and drew me in near. You opened the door and made me see clear. How much I love you and want to be here. Can I fly through your window and sit by your side Let you share in this new found pride? Reach out your hand a touch me, See that I’m finally feeling alive and free But now see what is mine and have no desire to flee. So reach out your hand and touch me and feel, Hold me until with love and appeal You will see that I’m normal and stable and real. Love me forever and hold me "till death" Stay here beside me until our last breath And I will show you how much I care, Cause honey I’m yours, not going anywhere.

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