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My Resume

I recently started a new job as an asbestos abatement project monitor and am waiting for my project monitor license from the State of Connecticut. For those of you who do not know what a project monitor does, my job is to inspect asbestos abatement (mostly removal of asbestos insulation, floor tiles, ceiling tiles, and fireproofing) for compliance with state and federal regulations. This usually includes visual inspections, review of worker records, and air monitoring. The job is similar to a lot of work I have done in the past, but is also different. But at least I am again employed and making money. :)

To cover a few items you will find on my resume, I have about 18 years experience in the field of Health Physics (HP), all at a 3 unit nuclear power station (2 PWRs, 1 BWR). One of my duties was technical support in the field of respiratory protection. It was because of this I decided to pursue an education and employment in the field of Industrial Hygiene (IH). As those familiar with HP and IH, both these fields have many similarities, including air sampling and direct monitoring of workplace and environmental contaminants. While working on my Masters in IH, I also became very interested in environmental protection and my previous work as a RCRA auditor and also my employment at Prime Resources has provided me with excellent experience in this field.

If you are interested in looking at my work and education experience, please feel free to download my resume. I currently have it in Word format, but hope to add a text version in the future. I have included a link to download MicroSoft® Word Viewer. This is an excellent program, free of charge, that allows individuals who do not have Word, to view Word documents.