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worth waiting

Midi files

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For a change, short and sweet. You'll find rock here, metal, and alternative. Copied them all so feel free to do the same. Also the numbers are just for so I don't get lost while editing. They are not a ranking or Metallica would be at the top. Also, click to be notified when midis are added

1 18 and life to go 30.2k
2 Ain't my bitch 28.2k
3 All I want to do 60.2k
4 All mixed up 8.5k
5 Another one bites the dust 16.7k
6 Bad love 67.3k
7 Bad to the bone 50.0k
8 Bitch 64.7k
9 Black Velvet 32.8k
10 Bleeding me 2.0k
11 Born on the boyou 57.0k
12 Boy's are back 48.0k
13 Brain Stew 23.6k
14 Can't fight this feeling 16.7k
15 Champagne Supernova 113.k
16 Close my eyes forever 15.8k
17 Come sail away 13.5k
18 The Cradle will rock 24.0k
19 Crazy on you 50.1k
20 Dancing in the streets 43.6k
21 December 51.1k
22 Don't speak 60.2k
23 Down 59.8k
24 Dust in the wind 19.9k
25 Enter Sandman 47.0k
26 Every heart you break 50.3k
27 Eyes 52.9k
28 Eye of the tiger 38.0k
29 Fade to black 53.5k
30 The Flame 25.5k
31 Frankstein 42.0k
32 Gel 36.8k
33 Gimme gimme some loving 46.1k
34 Girl like you 43.5k
35 Green eyed lady 38.3k
36 Green river 31.4k
37 Grind 100.0k
38 Godzilla 30.4k
39 Hand in my pocket 38.0k
40 Hard on the knees 11.1k
41 Head like a hole 62.0k
42 Head 62.1k
43 Heart shaped box 44.7k
44 Heaven Beside you 28.3k
45 Heavens on fire 2.0k
46 Here I go again 25.4k
47 Hero of the day 48.6k
48 Higher ground 41.6k
49 Hold you head up 40.5k
50 Highway Star 119.8k
51 Highway to hell 20.9k
52 Hurt 11.6k
53 I stay away 25.4k
54 I'll be there for you 4.9k
55 I'm 2 sexey 39.6k
56 I'm the only one 52.3k
57 I Remember 32.6k
58 Ironic 43.0k
59 It was good 20.1k
60 Janie's got a gun 27.2k
61 Jump 37.9k
62 King of nothing 78.6k
63 Kiss from a rose 31.4k
64 Layla 31.0k
65 Last Dance for Mary Jane 21.1k
66 Ledzeplin medoly 48.5k
67 Le Grange 37.0k
68 Legs 49.2k
69 Limelight 23.7k
70 Long way home 54.2k
71 Losing my religion 39.7k
72 Loud 33.1k
73 Love bite's 41.2k
74 Love Gun 19.8k
75 Magic carpet ride 27.1k
76 Man in a box 51.3k
77 More than word 25.0k
78 Name 30.6k
79 My Friends 40.3k
80 No Rain 35.4k
81 Nothing else matters 24.5k
82 One Head Light 41.3k
83 Owner of a lonely heart 58.3k
84 Perfect Strangers 41.4k
85 Plush 42.5k
86 Push 34.0k
87 Power of love 38.2k
88 Relax 32.6k
89 Right now 48.9k
90 Ronnie Long 75.9k
91 Rooster 31.3k
92 Round about 110.0k
93 Rule the world 28.8k
94 Sanata monica 41.0k
95 Save the world 35.9k
96 Say It Ain't So 28.5k
97 Semi charmed life 91.0k
98 Shine 26.8k
99 Silent 39.1k
100 Sledgehammer 44.1k
101 Smashing young man 18.6k
102 Stupid Girl 66.6k
103 Swallowed 66.2k
104 Supermans Dead 69.7k
105 Sweater song 44.7k
106 Sweet child of mine 27.5k
107 Sweet home Alabama 53.2k
108 Tears 36.7k
109 Time (hootie) 76.9k
110 Today 29.4k
111 Tub Thumping 63.7k
112 Unforgiven 41.5k
113 Vehicle 45.3k
114 Walk of life 47.0k
115 Walking on the sun 31.2k
116 Way it is 44.8k
117 We built this city 41.1k
118 When i come around 25.0k
119 When it's love 24.5k
120 Where ever I may roam 69.9k
121 Whiter shade of pale 29.9k
122 Who made who 25.9k
123 Wicked garden 32.9k
124 Wind of Change 62.9k
125 Wind crys mary 45.7k
126 Wouldn't 43.0k
127 You ain't seen nothing yet 102.7k
128 You ought to know

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