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er ... me wearing shades.  8o)

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Named Barrie Turner. (Baz to my friends.)

This is very much a personal web site, but I'm not going to spice things up to make me *appear* more interesting than I really am ... just don't leave your sense of humour at the door.

While you're waiting to be entertained, why not see some of my random thoughts, some serious, some not so.  Baz, a blogger, shurely not!

I host a birthday list and map
for the btinternet.chatter
general chat newsgroup. :o)

I live in Rochdale, Lancashire, England, (the UK if you prefer). The town is at the centre of a metropolitan borough with a population of approximately 200,000, and is situated north of the city of Manchester, in the north west of the country. I've lived in the same house all my life (apart from a few months in the mid-1970's when we had the builders in.)

I've travelled over much of England, some of north and south Wales, and parts of Scotland. I've been on holiday to the USA four times, and included in the 1993 trip was a part of eastern Canada.
There's an account of my 1992 holiday *still* in the final re-editing phase.  There's also the account of my 2000 trip: it's not finished, it probably never will be finished?
There's the 2001 holiday to take a quick look at and, er ... although I went on holiday in 2002 (Egypt!), I'm nowhere *near* writing that one up yet. :o(


Born in Birch Hill Hospital, Rochdale, 2:30pm on March 23 1965 to parents Jessie and Alfred (both now no longer with us).

If you want more, there is, of course, more.

Finally, what motivates me? ... ah, you'll have to click on the picture right. Sorry. :o)

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