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This Page is about the people and where they meet.

The Kafenion is the meeting point in every Cretan Village. Its the place where the men discuss news, exchange their opinions on e.g. politics,...

A Kafenion is not like a restaurant. In the Kafenion people drink Coffee, Wine, Raki or some Softdrinks. Meals are rather unusual in the Kafenion, but the visitor will usually get some 'Mezedes' with his Raki.

Winter can be cold - even in Crete - That is... it's not really cold there, but it can feel cold, because heaters are not really comon in Crete.
But the people have there Rak'i to warm them up. The Cretan Rak'i has nothing in commmon with the turkish Rak'i (which is rather like a Greek Ouzo): it's much closer to the italian Grappa.

Raki is made from Treber, the remains of pressing grapes. It is destilled in October or November in the Kasani, the destillery of the village.
A Kasani is usually opened for some weeks and the destillery works usually from noon to late in the night, where a lot of people come to celebrate, eat , drink,....

Cretans generaly like Celebrations (with a lot of music, dancing, drinking,...). The following 'dancing'-scene was photographed during a baptism.

Cretans usually like meeting people: They have no real word for foreigner or stranger: Its the same word as 'guest'.

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