KOAN Compositions: select the piece you want to listen to
pieces using the KOAN SynthEngine
(should work on most soundcards)

to hear these KOAN pieces in hifi stereo sound right click the green icon ,
select 'Setup' and choose the options Rate 44100, Chanells 2, BitsSample 16.
On fast machines I suggest to switch AutoAdjustCPU off and select ConductorTimer High Proiority.

KOAN pieces for the Creative SB32/64 soundcard: (these use your soundcards midi-sounds, don't expect too much....)
for mp3-versions (better sound) go to my mp3-Page
This music is written with KoanPro by Sseyo. Download the plug-in (It is free!!) for your browser to hear music on this and other pages:Download SSEYO Koan music!
Most of these Koan Pieces are specially designed for the CREATIVE AWE32/64 Soundcard. Some were adjusted to work on the SBLife! They might sound different on other cards.
If you want to download some KOAN Files, here is a ZipFile with an album of 14 of my KOAN pieces.

MP3-versions of my music are available at MP3.com
where you can download or listen to my music and order my CDs.
The mp3 versions are selected recordings of my KOAN pieces. They are better in sound then the versions available here, because they were recorded using the equipment and sounds that my KOAN pieces were originally written for. but these are mp3s that will sound the same everytime you play them, unlike the generative KOAN versions available here.
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