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This page is basically all the different pictures I have liked and placed here for a special honor I guess you would say of being some of my favorites. Some of them are only here but some can be found in pages that that they would fit in such as some of the fairies here are also in my fairies page that I just resently created now that I do have a much larger collection of fairies art.

beats me on the e-mail it came with the picture.

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this isn't an animated picture its a snow applet

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I know this one doesn't fit in but it is so cute!!

COMPUTERS are a hard thing to get along with and we have had our share of computer problems. I found these pictures and thought they would be fitting in my page, considering all the trouble I have with computers. I hope that all that is now behind me! *smile* I also thought they were very cute and liked them alot...so here they are
badcrash picture.(click)
badvirus picture
flamewars picture
demon pc..
and last but not least.an innocent computer!!!
monitor says "click me"

finally note about the computers. The first message was something I typed when I first started this page and my computer was also still new to me.. I am now on my second computer (more stuff in it) and have taken classes to learn more about the different programs they offer and to understand exactly what people are talking about when they do start using words like programs and software. I am glad that I am more educated and can do about anything I want or need to do now. But I keep the old message for people that are starting out like I was, and now add this new message so they know there is hope in the future..*smile*

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