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Reported Speech Quiz (3)

Re-write in the reported speech as shown!
 He said, "Do it yourself!" | He asked me

1./ He said, "Why did they come early?" | He asked      COMPARE

2./ He said, "I have no idea" | He said that      COMPARE

3./ He said, "she was sleeping when we left". | He said that     COMPARE

4./ She said, "Don't ask stupid questions!" | She told me      COMPARE

5./ She said, "Do you want to go with me?" | She asked me      COMPARE

6./ He said, "I had a delicious meal ast night" | He said that      COMPARE

7./ She said, "Do I look beautiful?" | She wondered      COMPARE

8./ He asked, "Has my mother bought me a gift?" | He asked      COMPARE

9./ He said, "I wrote a new story last week" | He told me      COMPARE

10./ They said, "We'll leave the city next week" | They said that      COMPARE

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