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*/ Click the appropriate Wh- word to fill in the gaps
1. I met the boy _____ leg was broken in the race.


2. Isn't that the man ______ sold your father the old bike?


3. Mohammad is the one ______ telling the truth, not Peter.


4. My sister,______ wearing the blue Jellaba, is an engineer.


5. The old woman, ________ just left the mall, was a famous actress.


6. Nobody knows the person ______ been diving the black van.


7. The genius student _____ won the prize yesterday is missing.


8. Isn't that the film ______ everybody is talking about these days?


9. The doctor ______ my sister saw yesterday died this morning.


10. The city ______ you are describing doesn't exist.


Restrictive & Non-restrictive Clauses