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M/C The Passive Voice

*/ Choose the best answer

1. She is teaching us English on Saturdays.

a. English is being taught to us on Saturdays.
b. We are being taught English on Saturdays.

2. He gave Leila all the books.

a. Leila was given all the books
b. All the books were given to Leila

3. Someone has taken the children to the circus.

a. The children have been taken to the circus.
b. The circus has been taken to.

4. The boy asked his mother embarrassing questions.

a. Embarrassing questions have been asked.
b. The mother was asked embarrassing questions.

5. Some Students are performing the new play at the local theatre.

a. The new play is being performed at the local theatre.
b. The local theatre is being performed at.

6. Someone sold this old hat to my wife.

a. This old hat was sold to my wife.
b. My wife was sold this old hat.

7. Someone introduced me to Leila's husband.

a. I was introduced to Leila's husband.
b. Leila's husband was introduced to!

8. People showed the lady the way to my house.

a. The way to my house was shown to the lady.
b. The lady was shown the way to my house.

9. Someone invited the governor to the children's party.

a. The governor was invited to the children's party.
b. The governor to the children's party was invited.

10. They handed the boy a prize and sent him to his parents.

a. A prize was handed to the boy and sent to his parents.
b. The boy was handed a prize and sent to his parents.

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