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1. My brother who lives in Tokyo is married.

a. He is the only brother I have.
b. I've got more than one brother.

2. I don't go to school anymore.

a. I used to go to school.
b. I didn't use to go to school.

3. You can't park your car here!

a. It is forbidden to park your car here.
b. It is difficult to park your car here.

4. The kid has been given a doll.

a. Someone has given the kid a doll.
b. Someone has given a doll the kid.

5. He has gone to Hong Kong since 1990.

a. He is still there.
b. He returned home.

6. Nobody broke the vase.

a. The vase was broken.
b. The vase was not broken.

7. My sister, who works in the bank, is coming to tea.

a. I've got one sister and she works in the bank.
b. I've got other sisters who work elsewhere.

8. My uncle has been to Casablanca.

a. He is still there.
b. He came back home.

9. Has my car been seen to yet?.

a. Has it been repaired?
b. Has it been washed?

10. When I arrived home, my parents had locked the door.

a. The door was locked in my face.
b. The door was locked before I arrived.

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