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1. Leila has broken the toy.

2. Someone steals the eggs from the basket.

3. Someone is looking for a baby sitter.

4. She used to take the children to the zoo.

5. You must write to him immediately.

6. Nobody appreciated the product.

7. Someone will translate the book into Arabic.

8. Someone has prepared a hot dog for you.

9. Someone has to send an e-mail to her soon.

10. The neighbours had put out the fire.

11. Something had blocked the door.

12. They asked the boys several questions.

13. They could not find the missing dog.

14. She left the letter on the table.

15. They have been gazing at her.

16. Did they bring the horse down here?

17. He told us a horrible story.

18. Some people are painting the garden gate.

19. They ought to cut this tree down.

20. They often misunderstand her.

21. They sent the parcel to the wrong address.

22. Have they arrested the burglar yet?.

23. He will be changing all the tires.

24. Nobody has ever read that book

25. Someone had been locking the door when we arrived.

26. They were testing me for a driving licence.

27. Cigarette ends can often cause fires.

28. Haven't they laid the table yet?

29. She enjoys people praising her.

30. You ought to have done this quiz earlier.