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Pittsburg H. S. Class of 1961 Message Board

This forum is open to all of you so leave messages, notes, comments, questions, thoughts for the next reunion, quotes, wishes, games, family history, notes to a long lost friend who might visit this page, pictures, and whatever else that you'd like to share with the PHS Class of 1961.  We would love to hear from you!  Every classmate matters and every classmate has something to share.  Old friends want to get back in touch with you. You might consider a general letter that expands on your data form, a digital photo album, or news of big changes in your life.  Be creative!   If you want to place a message on this page just and I will add it.

Hi Charlotte,

So glad to hear that both your mom and dad are still alive.  That is wonderful.  Hope the PET Scan turns out okay for your dad.  We lost momma in 1997 to pancreatic cancer and daddy in 2001 (congestive heart failure).  Ron and I had both retired before momma died so it was a blessing that we got to spend a lot of time with both of them in the end.  It seems our lives really changed around the time we retired.  Momma got sick just after we lost Ronnie Joe (Dot's husband) to cancer,  Ron's mother suddenly had a heart attack and died, then Ron had to have quadruple heart bypass and all of this happened a year after we retired.  On a happier note, things have been good for Ron and me.  We have been blessed with 4 beautiful, healthy and smart grandchildren.  Our daughter lives in Dallas and is married to a wonderful guy and has a daughter 13 and a son 9.  Our son lives in California and is also married to a wonderful girl and has a daughter 10 and a son 8.  I say this because  in this day and time with so many divorces, we feel truly blessed because both Jeff and Shelley have great mates and seem really happy and devote so much time to their children.

Ron and I sold our home in Dallas 8 years ago, bought land and built a house in East Texas.  We live off hwy 11 on CR4390 which is halfway between Pittsburg and Winnsboro.  To be exact we are 12 miles from Pittsburg and 8 miles from Winnsboro.  My sister Dot and brother Ben live in Pittsburg.  Darlene lives in Dallas.  Ron and I live the simple life now and really enjoy living here (it took me awhile).  We go to California at least twice a year to see Jeff & Family and of course go to Dallas.  We have a lot of upkeep in the summer and spend a lot of time mowing and shredding, etc.  There's always something that needs to be done.  A group of us go camping quite often.  That's about it for me.  Now, let me know about yourself and your family.  Charlotte, when you sent the E-mail about a 50th class reunion, the impact of our age really hit me.  We are getting old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can get together for lunch just about anytime. 

Say hello to your mom & dad for me.  I can still remember when your mom came to our house in Dallas and brought that wonderful pie.

Frances Duncan Arrington