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THE PITTSBURG GAZETTE         Pittsburg, Texas November 5, 1981

  Class of 1961 Reunion

The graduation class of 1961 had a very enjoyable 20th year reunion.  Thirty-six class members out of forty-three
who graduated from PHS in 1961 came to join the fun.  The class members all amazed the spouses who were not from Pittsburg by recalling all the good ( and bad ) times that happened during those years at Pittsburg High School.

Special guests for dinner on Saturday night were some of the former teachers: Mr. and Mrs. Elton Acker,  Mrs. Edna Earle Carson, Bill De-Woody, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hardaway, all from Pittsburg; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Canaday of Mt. Vernon; and Mrs. Janet Hargrove of Mt. Pleasant.

Those classmates attending were: Carolyn Shrum Baker, Sue Attaway Matthews, Claudia Redding Henderson, Ed and Diana Hicks, Margie Bynum Goosey, Ann Jester Reynolds, Weldon Peek, Wayne Broadstreet, Norman Poe, all of Pittsburg; Barbara Richardson Nichols, Houston; Jesse Nickerson, III, Paris, Texas; Deloris Bell Robinson, Mt. Vernon; Billie Blount Purdon, Texas City, Texas; Judy Chance Lovell, Maui, Hawaii; Frances Duncan Arlington, Richardson; Karen Hicks Day, Houston; Royce Martin, Carrollton; Jerry Nash, Arlington; Mary Ann Parker Russell, Humble, Texas; Glenda Seale Jolly, Dallas; Glen Shipley, Boulder, Colorado; Ann Shirley Campbell, Waco, Texas; Frances Watson Thompson, Irving; Betsy Looney Brown, Mt. Pleasant; Charlotte Bishop Jackson, Longview; Juanita Coffman Stracener, Mansfield, Texas; Ray Games, Diana, Texas; Dennis McCauley, Fort Worth; Linda McGahee, Dallas; Charles Boyd, Henderson; Patty Walker Robertson, Longview; Sharon Hively Bobbin, Jack­sonville, Texas; Joe Brown, DeSoto, Texas; Nancy Crouch Aycock, Plano.
Awards were given on Saturday night to the following people: Ed Hicks - the man who had lost the most hair; Jerry Nash - the man with the fullest beard; Ray Carnes - the person who had changed the most; Claudia Henderson - the woman with the most grey hair; Royce Martin - the person who stayed
out of class the most; Mary Ann Russell - the person with the youngest child; Glenda Jolly -the person with the most children; Judy Lovell - the person who traveled the longest distance.   

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