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US Homeland Security ILLEGALLY
Spying on California Campuses

"We are the witness of all your thoughts and all your prayers and all your actions.
Not an atoms weight in Earth or Heaven escapes your LORD, nor is there any
object smaller or greater, but is recorded in a Glorious Book" -Sura Jonah, Holy Koran

California colleges and universities today are under seige by the fascist US Jewish 'Nazi' Homeland Security Surveillance Big Brother Police State.

Spy and surveillance software has now been installed at academic libraries throughout the state, forcing students to enter a personal username and password in order to "log-in" to the Internet. This is a break from past practice where the Internet was free and open to all WITHOUT having to show ID and/or submit to a "log-in/log-off" protocol. Further, these privacy violations have now found their way into the academic library domain, apart from username/password accounts that students obtain when taking units/credits through paid classes at their respective campuses.

Students and non-students alike are now being forced to show ID, forced to "log-in" if they want to use the Internet, forced to give their name, expose their student identity and relegate all privacy and anonymity to those who are controlling and monitoring the computer networks. This opens the floodgates to massive electronic surveillance by fascist/nazi/criminal police state agencies such as the US Dept of Homeland Security- who are most likely behind these unprecendented privacy violations on our campuses in California.

According to James Bamford, author of the book, "Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America", mandatory "log-in" of the Internet forces the user to have his/her identity revealed and web surfing history recorded, monitored and tracked (in real time) by those who have installed and monitor the network. This completely undermines the dignity, sovereignty and personal privacy of students who submit to this outrageous breach of what can only be called, "technotyranny".

In fact, this effort to control, monitor and spy upon students and the community is a perfect representational example of the cancer that is destroying our society.

A civilized, intelligent and advanced campus community does NOT ILLEGALLY spy and surveil its students in this way. Free and unfettered access to the Internet (the Global Brain) at campus libraries without "log-in/log-off" identification protocols is the very reason California colleges and universities exist in the first place. Restricting access in this way is tantamount to censorship.

Let us burn the cancer out now, before it metastisizes and destroys our wonderful California state educational institutions.

Steve Jones
Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
UC Berkeley
Berkeley, California