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  Nishtar Medical College

Hostel Accomodation

There are a total of 9 hostels, 4 boys' hostels, 2 girl's hostels, 2 doctors' hostel and also a nursing hostel. The hostels have a total capacity of about 1300 students.

The Hostels are:

For Male Students

Ibn-e-Sina Hall
Iqbal Hall
Qasim Hall

For Female Students

Tariq Hall
Rafida Hall

For House Officers

Bhutta Hall (House officers)
Lady doctors' Hall

Nursing Hostel

College Hostel Rules and Regulations : Admission to the hostel

(a). College authorities are not bound to provide hostel accommodation to every one. However, accommodation will be provided subject to availability.

(b). The hostel accommodation will be given to students seeking admission in the medical colleges, domiciled in places other than the city in which the medical college is situated. Day scholars need not apply except under special circumstances.

(c). The Principal , on recommendations of the warden may refuse admission or reject the application of a student if he is satisfied that he/she is not a desirable person to live in the hostel.

(d). There are separate hostels for boys and girls. These hostels are open only to students on the respective college roll.

(e). Seats shall be allotted by the Warden in order of seniority and merit which will be determined by the year of study and by the marks obtained at the last University / promotion examination. Failure in a class will be a discredit.

(f). In making the allotment the warden will also take into consideration the status of a boarder as well as his conduct and character.

(g). Students whose hostel dues are in arrears will not be eligible for allotment.

(h). Final year remanded students may be provided hostel accommodation subject to availability.

(i). No boarder is allowed to change his/her seat or accommodation without special permission of the Warden concerned.

(j). If a student who is allotted hostel accommodation is not personally residing and found by the administration mis-using the room i.e. keeping unlawful or illegal occupants, his/her allotment will be cancelled and the case will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee for further necessary action.


Special rules for female student

(a). Each student on coming into residence in the hostel must bring with her necessary stock of linen.

(b). Students must wear only simple clothes in the college.

(c). Parents or guardians are required to send a signed list of relatives who may visit their daughter.

(d). Students may receive authorized visitors daily from 5.00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. At other times visitors may be received only with the written permission of the warden. The visitors will be seated in the reception room and will not be taken to living rooms.

(e). All applications for leave, etc., must be submitted to the warden, 24 hours before the date of leave.

(f). All students are required to take meals in the dining room. No student shall cook food in her room or bring food to her room


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