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  Nishtar Medical College

Nishtar Hospital

Nishtar Hospital being the biggest tertiary care hospital of southern Punjab(Pakistan) provides healthcare to patient under government supervision.The Nishtar Hospital holds tthe capacity of 1000 beds with 30 wards and one Out Patients Department (OPD). Surgical facilities include 15 Operation Theatres(OT).

The construction of the Nishtar Hospital block started in 1953. The basic idea and plan was provided by Dr. M. J. Bhutta.. Mr. Inamullah, Mr. Jamaal-ud-Din and Mr. Murat Khan also participated in the construction On the 1st of October, 1953, Nishtar Hospital started functioning with 80 beds. In 1954, Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology, Tuberculosis, Paediatrics, Ophthalmology, ENT, Anaesthesia and Radiology departments also started functioning.[see history page for more details]
Now,Nishtar Hospital Building is three story building.

On Ground floor there is

Nursing School
Hospital Auditorium
Post Office
Ward No.(1,4,7,10) and (13,16,19,22,25)
Operation theatres
Kitchen Block

On First Floor there is

College office
Hospital Administration office
Principal Office
Conference room
Ward No.(2,5,8,11) and (14,17,20,23)
Operation Theatres

One 2nd Floor there is

Ward No.(3,6,9,12) and (15,18,21,24)
The Departments Are Following
Medicine Chest Medicine Skin Medicine
Paediatrics Obstetrics Gynaecology
Cardiology ENT Ophthalmology
Surgery Orthopaedics Radiology
Neurology Physiotherapy Oncology
Psychiatry Nephrology Anaesthesia
ICU Dialysis Dental Section

Nishtar Hospitla provides an excellent environment for medical training. MBBS students and postgraduate student learn various techniquies and onhand trainig for patient managment.

Contact Information:

Administration Office,
Nishtar Hospital,
Nishtar Road,


Tel: (92) 061 9200238, 9200993, (Exchange) 9200231-37
Fax (92) 061 9200227

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