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Capital of Earth

"somewhere over the birds fly....."

The city of Jerusalem is slated to become the world's global political, economic and religious capital in the very near future.

Due to Global Climate Change, the CITY of London (the world's global financial capital) will soon experience drastic changes in its weather and temperature patterns due to a dramatic slowdown and eventual shutdown of the north atlantic current, which provides warm temperatures and moderate weather to the CITY and the country (the United Kingdom), and to all of Europe for that matter...

Since the Jewish House of Rothschild has its base of operations headquartered in the CITY of London, this drastic change in weather and temperature patterns will prompt a quick move to the state of Israel, specifically Jerusalem, where the forces of International Zionist/Rothschild Jewry have heavily invested themselves in over the decades since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948.

The other major principality on the planet, the Vatican- for all intents and purposes the current capital of Christianity- will likely suffer another form of destruction: thermonuclear annihilation. The Jew World Order, specializing in international terrorism, will most likely use radical muslim extremists to carry out this act, creating, in turn, a powerful worldwide Christian vacuum in the process.

This will then open the gates for Rothschild Jewry to proclaim its Christian Messiah to the world, solidifying its economic and political power as well as religious control over the entire planet, excepting the house of Islam.

Access to fresh water from Turkey, their moderate Islamic neighbor to the north, will similiarily become key to the survival and viability of the New Jewish Rothschild Command in Jerusalem. Turkish water will bring Islam into unification with the Judaic and Christian power base equation already, by then, established and in existence in Jerusalem- henceforth, the creation of a new global religious covenant for mankind will be born and Islam will join in full force with Rothschild controlled Judaism and Christianity to make Jerusalem the new Global Capital of the Earth.

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