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Who are Uy?

The Uy family link site!

In 1997 I ran what is now known as a "vanity search" on Uy (pronounced like "we" or "oui"), and I was amazed to discover a huge number of Uys on the web.

Contributed by Steven Uy

I am not even the only Francis Uy on the Web (but the others don't have personal web pages): a pigeon racer, a Canadian trade commissioner, a guy who visited Paris.

So that's a good starting point, but I should still answer the question: who are Uy? According to my father's family, my grandfather changed his name from Ng to Uy when he moved from Fukien China to Cadiz City. Charlene Sison (a Uy on her mother's side) tells me that many Uys originated from the province of Isabela in the Cagayan valley region. I'd be glad to hear other genealogical tidbits and include them here.

What do Uy want?

I want this page to list every Uy on the web. Please contact me () if you know anyone else to list here.

My extended family has a worldwide e-mailing list, and a website at that is unfortunately private access only. If any of you Uys listed here are my relatives, please let me know ASAP.

For such a rare name (outside the Philippines at least), we're pretty big on the Internet. And that's not even counting:

  1. Urusei Yatsura, a.k.a. Lum, a humor comic by Rumiko Takahashi
  2. Usagi Yojimbo, a furry comic by Stan Sakai
  3. Uy as a first name, in southeast Asia
  4. the country of Uruguay, whose Internet suffix is .uy
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