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Top 10 Reasons that SUVs Suck

  1. Obstruction: SUVs are taller than most people. They block the line of sight in parking lots (annoying) and at city intersections (dangerous).
  2. Pollution: SUVs pollute 30% more carbon monoxide than cars, and 75% more nitrogen oxides and other smog-forming chemicals. If your community has a "code red" air day this summer, thank your SUV.
  3. Emission: SUVs spew over 30% more greenhouse gases than cars. The 10 hottest years in recorded history all happened in the last 15 years. You say it's a coincidence? Do you really want to bet your children's future on it?
  4. Crash #1: SUVs are taller and more dangerous than cars. Their increased rollover risk is well known.
  5. Crash #2: SUVs are heavier and more dangerous than cars. Their poor braking distance is well known.
  6. Crash #3: SUVs are longer, wider, and more dangerous than cars. Their lack of maneuverability leads to a fact you probably don't know: people in Light Trucks are about 20% more likely to die on the road than people in cars, because they get into so many accidents that cars are able to avoid.
  7. Sloth: SUVs are the apotheosis of American arrogance & obesity.
  8. Gluttony: Due to legal loopholes, SUVs waste 33% more gas than cars. (This doesn't even count behemoths like the Excursion and Hummer, which ignore fuel economy standards entirely.) The EPA Light Truck category was intended for commercial use (construction, farms, delivery) not for personal travel.
  9. Avarice: If our passenger vehicles (not including buses, heavy trucks, etc) averaged 40mpg, we would be able to fill our nation's oil needs entirely from production in the Americas and Europe. I support independence; you don't.
  10. Terrorism: My cargo-hauling hatchback gets 43mpg. Your SUV forces America to buy oil from Wahhabist fanatics in the Middle East. As our dear President might say, why do you hate America so much?

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